Well, Hello 2017.

We are officially 2/3 of the way into 2016 -- in less than half that amount of time, 2017 will be rushing in just as quickly as the last few years.  With each passing year, time moves more quickly than the preceding one.  There are days when I wish there was a pause button, don't you? Or, better yet, sometimes a "redo" button!  

Most people re-evaluate their goals in December/January, right? It's a fresh new year, the slate is clean and it's seemingly the best time to jump start any goals that may have slipped through the cracks from the year before.  It's when gyms see the most action, daily planners fly off the shelves and healthy new recipes are pinned to Pinterest with enthusiasm.  But August -- the month when DC is quiet, most people go on vacation and the "calm before the storm" before kids go back to school, is, in my opinion, the ideal time to re-evaluate and re-position those annual goals. 


Because you have time. Ask yourself: 

  • Have I accomplished the goals I set for myself in January?
    • If the answer is yes, set a new one.
    • If the answer is no, take action or create smaller goals in order to make progress.

See where I'm going with this? The point is, there's still time in the year to cross some things off the metaphorical (or perhaps literal if you have one) list. 

So, break out those daily planners that have collected dust, get those recipes ready and hit the gym. Today is the day we decide how the rest of our 2016 will go... Ready?